A little 'about us'

We are a currently a group of 10 technical staff, 9 of which are full time. Amanda Carter, our lab coordinator works 4 days a weeks. David Arbuckle, Timon Berger, Craig Beyers, Glenn Ward, Curtis Profke, Jeremy James, Adam Dixon, Aaron Dobson and Nick Dennett all work full time. Justin Moy is a technical assistant who works casually for us. We also have odour panelists that come and go for us as well.  

Erin Smith and Monica Hiscock take care of the ever important administration and accounts of Assured Monitoring. Erin has a foot in operational duties as well. Erin and Glenn's role see them overseeing the operational management of the monitoring business.  

We are a group of environmental professionals focused on delivering quality and high service in the environmental monitoring & consulting fields.

The cornerstone members of the company are David Arbuckle and Timon Berger. David has been involved in the environmental consulting field since 1996, spending much of his time honing his monitoring skills across all states of Australia and beyond. Since 2001 David has taken on managerial roles as well. In recent years David worked as a General Manager for Pacific Environment Ltd. His time at PEL brought about much education in the space of business management and business development among many other things. Today David's primary role is running Assured Monitoring and focusing on future opportunities and new markets. The technical management of Assured Monitoring is fulfilled by Timon Berger. 

Timon has been in the environmental consulting field since 2005. At this time Timon walked into David's place of work and offered his services, he was immediately hired. 11 plus years later David and Timon are ambitious partners in Assured Monitoring.  Over this time Timon, like David has been exposed to many industry types in many different places. Timon brings technical excellence and an inquisitive manner to any project he works on or consults in. Timon's guidance in all technical matters at Assured Monitoring has resulted in our staff being continuously exposed to high quality work ethic and delivery. We believe this is key to differentiating Assured Monitoring from our competition.

As of early July 2016, Craig Beyers joined Assured Monitoring. Craig joins us with 17 years’ experience in the industry and will fill the role of Manager of Assured Monitoring’s Consulting Services. Craig brings particular focus in Acoustics, Air Quality & Vibration. Craig and David spent time together from 1993 to 1996 undertaking their undergrad degree’s in Environmental Engineering.  After which they have had strong professional ties working in similar businesses. We are excited to have Craig on the team and we are looking forward to bolstering the service offerings of Assured Monitoring.

All our staff have a keenness and commitment to quality service. 

 If you wish to inquire about our offerings in the above areas of expertise please contact us via our contact form.