Craig Beyers joins AMG

Craig Beyers is a seasoned Environmental Engineer with 17 years’ experience in the monitoring, modelling and assessment of air quality, acoustics, and vibration. Craig’s areas of practice cover industry and manufacturing, professional and consultancy, research and education, infrastructure and development, energy and resources, and sports and entertainment.

Craig is a widely sought-after professional and his trusted expertise is regularly requested as an expert witness at the Planning and Environmental Court, Land Court, QCAT and Administrative Decisions Tribunal. His broad knowledge base, and proficiency with an array of software, tools and resources, ensure client satisfaction and the delivery of high quality work.

To this end, Craig’s expertise has not gone unnoticed. AMG - a NATA-accredited company - recognizes the value that Craig adds to the business. AMG is one of the leading environmental consultancies in Australia, and through his role as the Manager for Air Quality, Acoustics and Vibration, Craig brings onboard extensive experience to expand the Company’s service offerings to include the full range of air quality, acoustic and vibration services.

In addition, by attending industry-specific conferences such as the Clean Air Conference, Craig remains au courant with the latest developments in his field. He also contributes to the professional body of reference material, by writing papers such as “Calibration Methodologies and the Accuracy of Acoustic Data” – a 2014 publication.

Outside of his technical pursuits, Craig is involved in philanthropic activities. He currently serves as the President of Diabetes Australia – Queensland, and prior to this, served as an Independent Director at said organization.

Craig holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, a Graduate Certificate in Business, and is a member of the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand, the Australian Acoustical Society and Standards Australia. He is also a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.